Think Like A CEO

Hey Loves,

Another day another dollar has come to mean so many things. The number one thing being for me is my NEED of consistency despite my not so consistent life. Does that even make sense? Well before you click exit hear me out. There are weeks were my life is pretty scheduled and it does wonders for my body and everything BUT then there are weeks like the past couple weeks that have not worked one bit of normal. I mean as I am sitting here thinking about it I am on the couch in my hotel room. I have been reading a lot of magazine articles and the one that has caught my attention is one written by Forbes and it is in regards to how CEOs manage their time. If I can’t think of a better way to get a different outlook that to start thinking more like a CEO.

(You wanna check this article out than by all means

What I got from this article was I am going about time management in the wrong way. I don’t think I am being very efficient in my day. In fact I took the articles advice and just spent 15 minutes of quiet and THAT IS what prompted me to start writing. Step 4: Question Your Assumptions is by far the most interesting of the 7 bits of advice. For example I have this constant feeling that I have to sit and handle things but are they really effective. I don’t have too many meetings (YET) so that is not a step I can really use to my advantage. BUT the “rest period” is definitely being added to my daily life.

What do you do to not feel overwhelmed during your day?

This is just something I have been thinking about hardcore. So definitely let me know down below.

Until the next burst of thought…Stay Blessed.

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