Single Girl Survival Guide|Part 1

Hey Loves,

So I’ve been thinking!!!

Living by yourself is probably one of the best/worst presents to yourself once you get a career. HOWEVER as a woman, there are some things I WISH someone would have enlighten me about some of the “struggles I was going to encounter”. I don’t know what it’s like to be a single guy by himself BUT I am just going to speak on behalf of us INDEPENDENT ladies. I find it best to add a little laughter to this kind of “advice” moment since over the couple years I have experienced ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Things I have learned:

– You no longer have large amounts of clothes (that you didn’t buy) at your disposal when “you have nothing to wear because YOU NO LONGER HAVE ANY ROOMMATES

– That spider crawling on the wall…yeah…you are the only one there to kill it or it will disappear and give you nightmares

-Never just lay your keys around because 9 times out of 10 they will disappear.

– Keep the sound on your phone on the loudest setting because … yep you guessed it…it will get lost

– Or keep the app to find your phone on your computer or tablet so that you can set the alarm ringing off because you can no longer scream through the wall for your roommate to call your phone

– JARS ARE THE DEVIL! (That is all)

-Those dishes in the sink can no longer be blamed on your dirty roommate who has no home training. (DISHWASHER ON DECK!)

– CLOTHES ARE OPTIONAL IN YOUR HOME. You know longer risk the roommate’s bf peeping a glance at your lovely legs without warning.

– LAY OFF criminal minds…according to that show, being young and single is a terrible combination

To be by yourself you will need:

  1. Toolbox
  2. Jar Opener
  3. Hair Spray (Cheap $1 freezes spiders and kills them)
  4. Stepping Stool
  5. Leveler (can’t tell you how crooked my stuff always turned out before this baby)
  6. HD Antennae (If you don’t want to invest in the money sucking cable)
  7. Some form of protection (pepper spray, a legal gun, tazer)
  8. A key light (so you won’t be standing outside anywhere in the dark by yourself)

For now that is enough for me to get my chuckle in for the day so I hope you guys enjoyed my little “moment”

So until the next burst of thought…Stay Blessed.

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