My Week’s Meal Plan | March 23-28, 2015

Hey Loves,

I’ve decided I want to start sharing with you guys my weekly meal plans. Just incase anyone wants ideas that will still keep them within their needed low calorie diets. For me my main focus is limiting sugar and calories. So when I buy ingredients I tend to focus on the fat, carbs, sodium and sugar. No this doesn’t mean that my meals are boring, but it does mean that I have to get a little creative so I don’t get sick of the foods I am eating.

For this week:

A minimum of a Gallon of water

Breakfast- Meal Replacement Shake (220) + Advocare Spark (45) + Catalyst (9)

Snack 1 – Large Naval Orange(80) + 10 Almonds (If needed another Spark)

Lunch – Teriyaki Chicken {Inspiration from this recipe}(223) + Spinach (20) + Brown Rice (150)

Snack 2 – Banana + Almonds

Dinner – Italian Chicken (254) + Cucumber & Tomato Salad + Raspberry Vinagrette

SEE! Told you my meals aren’t boring. I am really trying to stay on it this time guys and I am testing out everything this month before I share it but I have decided that I will start sharing the eating struggles because MAN sometimes I really just want to eat whatever I want and just be skinny already. Next week I will include pictures and complete and accurate calorie counts. OH and myfitnesspal id is newmebribri so lets be friends!!!

So what are you guys eating?

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