Yendor Hair Oil Review + Giveaway |Hair Chat

Hey Loves,

Yep its another HAIR VIDEO. I am reviewing Yendor Oil and yes it was sent to me to try. So let’s do my typical review breakdown.

Product Description

  • Green 2 oz. Bottle
  • Comes with 2 safety seals
  • Mixture of oils doesn’t give a terrible smell (Despite the tea tree oil)
  • $5.99
  • Claims to fight dandruff, hydrate hair and scalp, balance the PH levels, stimulate hair follicle growth

Product Ingredients

  • Castor Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Apricot Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Biotin
  • MSM

Product Directions

After Shampoo and Conditioning your hair you are supposed to massage yendor oil into scalp and pull through your hair and then cover with a plastic cap. You can then sit under the dryer or let your natural body heat do the work and then rinse it thoroughly out. It is not a leave in product but it is recommended to be used once a week.

My Personal Use

I decided to add Yendor Oil to my pre-poo/detangle routine rather than my deep conditioning routine. I have an issue with dry scalp so I always add that extra pre-poo step. So I did my usual routine but after detangling a section I would then take a very generous amount of Yendor oil and massage it into my scalp and pull the remainder through my hair. It gave me a slight tingle feeling which I can attribute to the peppermint oil. Surprisingly the tea tree smell that I was expecting to over take this product did not. I noticed that week after I started using the oil my scalp did not itch until the end of the week when the oils and sweat made that deadly mixture from exercising daily. So then I started adding the yendor oil directly to my conditioner that I use to co-wash my hair. (Since I only use shampoo once a month) I must say I will be staying stocked with this oil because it works well even with my cheaper conditioners and my scalp is definitely thanking me for this extra step of moisture.



Yendor Oil wants to give 2 of my lucky subbies the opportunity to try out their product for free! All you have to do is follow these 4 simple rules:

  1. You must be subscribed to my channel. (Just click the little box lol) Please make your profile public so I can verify.
  2. Must like this video (Thumbs up!!)
  3. You must like the Yendor Oil fb page|
  4. Comment On the Video with “Enter Me”

You have exactly 2 weeks from today (Meaning this giveaway ends: APRIL 9, 2015) and I will announce the winner on my blog, my Instagram, my channel and my facebook (So I hope you are following me)

So again thanks so much for checking out my channel and my blog and I hope you guys have a blessed day! O and if you guys want to buy yendor oil yourself is where you need to go.

Until the next burst of thought….Sayonara!

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