Fit Gear | Polar FT4 Fitness Heart Rate Monitor

Hey Loves,

Today I am sharing with you guys something that I recently shared on my Instagram. I like being aware of how many calories I am burning and how I am maintaining a certain heart rate. For this I have tried multiple things including the Soleus which I did talk about before. I think the bands are great for everyday tracking of sleep and your steps and stuff but as far as accuracy with calories I don’t think it works as well as the band and watch combo.

I am talking about the Polar FT4 Fitness Heart Rate Monitor. So let me post the stats from the box:

DSCN1459Bought From: Best Buy

Price $59.99 (on Sale)

Claims: Provides accurate and continuous heart rate, shows how many calories you’ve burned, exercise within your target heart rate zone, suitable for swimming

Comes With: Watch (Batteries included), Fabric Sensor Band, Sensor, Instruction Booklet


Ease of Use: Actually even the initial start up is easy to follow. The booklet is really straight forward so it’s hard to mess it up in my opinion. I did have to adjust that bad since my chest is not that small yet but it syncs with the watch automatically.

Does it Work: As you guys saw on my Instagram, Saturday I worked out for an hour and 45 minutes and I burned 1162 calories. I always do the same routine on Saturdays so I had no idea that was how many calories I was burning. It explains why I always feel so depleted on the weekends.

I think it works better than arm bands because the calories burned on myfitnesspal and stuff are generic and they do not take into account your personal body. For example today I am excited about wearing the FT4 during body combat because I want to try to push myself to stay in a specific heart rate zone.

I think if you are like me and you like specific data and You are doing this weight loss thing on your own, it is definitely a good investment. Plus I find myself pushing myself harder to keep my heart rate up and to surprise myself when I burn calories.

The summary of my workout is always a surprise.

So if you want to try it or you have something else let me know what you like and don’t like about it.

Until the next burst of thought…happy Monday!

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