Fit Chat| March Roundup

First let me start by apologizing for the long delay in my fitness update for 2015. I have to be honest with you, I was not as dedicated as I was in 2014 and that is a terrible way to start off the year. I was  slowly going back into my old routine and just needed to get my life back on track. For that purpose I had to make a couple adjustments so that I could get back into my swing. The first change I made was switching from L.A. Fitness to 24 Hour Fitness. Originally I was going to keep my membership but I realized I really missed the cardio classes. It’s something about not being the only one struggling that makes me want to work out more and harder. Plus on my lazy days I can still get 60 minute cardio session so that proves vital when I was consistently dropping weight.

Something that I tried this month was an online fitness network called Inner Circle. The best way I can explain this site is that it has everything you need to really jump start your workouts and even your meal plans. There is a very active discussion forum where you can post questions and join group discussions with other people who could be experiencing what you are going through and you even get feed back from Roxie and other awesome competitors. For me I am currently using her 6 day workout breakdown as a template for how my workouts go during the week. You can find workouts for any part of your body and she is continually updating the site. So you get all this helpful info for $20 a month. (No not an endorsement but so far I like it)

In the beginning of March I finally stepped back on the scale only to realize that I was back up to where I was in July in terms of weight which is EXTREMELY SCARY. However if you look at my photos you will see that I am toning up quite nicely. Yes losing weight is still very important to me but I am way more concerned with how I look in the mirror rather than what the scale is telling me. I’ve seen plenty of females with amazing bodies who weigh way more than I would have imagine and that is just from MUSCLE. So through March I lost 5 lbs, which is not where I wanted to be in April but it just means I have to work harder in April to make up for the 3 lbs I was lacking in March.

My Goals for 2015 are fairly simple. I have until September to drop 55lbs and that will put me at a weight where I remember being fairly content. In terms of short term goals I want to take sugar and sweets back out of my diet especially since lately they have gotten out of control. I have gone back to earning my cheat meals by sticking to my plans for the week. If I don’t stick to plan then I don’t deserve a cheat meal and I add another workout to my week. I also want to lose 2 lbs a week which is 8 lbs a month.

So I just want to say that I apologize for being late but I am getting my life together and sharing with you guys again.

To view the comparison photos from the video CLICK HERE

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