Fitness Chat| Comparison Photos

Hey Loves,

I decided to do a separate post with my progress photos since I had an epiphany yesterday. When I first put these photos together I could not see any difference and in fact it was a tad bit depressing. But then I sent them to my mom and her response to my “I see no progress” was “REALLY!” and she started breaking down the accomplishments I completely looked over. So I am going to say something nice about every photo that I post…starting with the back. Also do you notice how I still have some of my dark chocolate goodness from Trinidad compared to my 2014 photos. 🙂 I also noticed that though I have gained 9 pounds since September my body actually looks better. (Hince why the scale lies lol)

O and if you didnt check out my March Fitness Update CLICK HERE

7 month comparison backFirst off let me start by saying my sports bras have started fitting a lot better and I don’t feel like they have me in a vice grip anymore. As you can notice that back fat is diminishing quite nice as well as are you peeping that “thigh gap” lol It’s definitely adding to the fat that the boot7 month Comparison Fronty has lifted back up…THANK GOD! Still work to be done but check the progress!

Now lets focus on the Front View… I am enjoying the space that is forming. Its also another note to say that I think my general shape is toning up faster than actual weightloss which is why I use the scale and a measuring tape to view my progress. Still my major goal is that stomach of mines. Lord knows I just want that thing gone!!!!!!

7 month comparison side

From the side view the number one thing you can notice is that my BOOTAY!!!! has lifted. (HALLELUJAH) Of course as I always say I am inspired by Serena Williams body so clearly you can say my aspirations are also going in that direction.

So now that I have stepped out of my comfort zone and shared this with you I am going to be pushing for better numbers this month so I have something awesome to report.

So until the next burst of thought…stay blessed.

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