Fitness Chat |April 2015 Roundup

Hey Loves,

Is it possible to step on the scale and see that you have gained weight, look in the mirror and look smaller BUT measure yourself and see no real change? (Click here for my March- April Photo Comparison)

That is the question I have been asking myself this month because looking in the mirror I can (or I think) I am seeing some great improvements but all the methods I used to track my progress are pretty much telling me it is all in my mind. So which is more important?

Granted by now you should all know the frustrations I have with seeing the weight piling back on but it is kind of hard to react to it when I think my body is changing for good. My measurements have gone up so I can say that it is just muscle to answer for my weight gain right?


Shouldn’t my weight go down instead of up since I am swapping the fat for muscle? I always just assumed I would get smaller physically and on the scale first. I NEED ANSWERS SWAY.

So as far as my April Update…well looking at my food journal was TERRIBLE!!! It’s almost like I have lost complete control of my eating again and trying to get it back has been a struggle. Meal prepping has become boring to me especially since eating the same thing over and over drives me insane. I love food and love the variety but trying to keep variety while maintaining specific macros and calories has proven to be HARD AS MONKEY BALLS! (No I don’t know if this analogy is real but hey I am frustrated) So I am back to reevaluating my eating habits again and trying to make changes but I really need something to give me some spice into my food life.

I’ve been reading about meal prepping a lot and one thing I have not tried is meal prepping but not cooking it all for the week. So instead of cooking everything on Sunday, I could prep all the food in their proper portions and then refrigerate or freeze the second half of the week so my food is fresher. I don’t know about you guys but rice on day 5 is not the business and FISH REHEATED IS NEVER A GOOD THING!

As far as fitness is concerned I am doing a fat loss circuit created by Roxie (If you haven’t joined Inner Circle yet I don’t know why you haven’t) and I have completely stopped taking the cardio classes for a while and I am trying the whole running thing again. Interval running is a lot harder than I thought but I feel myself getting better and I have really started taking my time with the stretching because the lifting every day is making it hard to lift my water bottle. Or should I do like I did before and just cut lifting completely out and go back to 1-2 hours of cardio a day?

So I have these 2 weeks to get some kind of results since come June I don’t want to be saying that same issues over and over again. Is anyone else tired of it?

Until the next burst of thought….Stay blessed

3 thoughts on “Fitness Chat |April 2015 Roundup

  1. Omg this is me all the time. I feel like I look smaller but the scale is either the same or a little higher! EEEK! I try to look at how my clothes feel, how I feel, and how I am performing during my workouts. But I will admit I feel some type of way when the scale is not moving down. I love meal prepping but I do not like to prep for the whole week because my food goes bad like you said so I just prepare my foods (chop veggies, cut up fruit, cut and clean meat,etc) I cook for 2 to maybe 3 days at a time. I got some really great tips from Mind over Munch on Youtube she has a bunch of meal prep tips on Youtube and her blog. When I hit plateaus I usually increase my cardio or increase my strength training. What especially helps me during plateaus is walking! I will literally walk everywhere to work, to the gym, to the grocery store I just walk and keep active.

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