Single Girl Survival Guide|Part 2

Hey Loves,

Yep it is time for another edition of “Single Girl Survival” because as the weather is changing I have come across a couple of new issues that I just feel I need to vent about. So without further babbling I hope you enjoy these tidbits:

  1. CLOSE YOUR DRAINS (Woke up to the biggest spider chillaxing in my bathtub)
  2. Either switch to a smaller trash can or go for the scented bags: If you are like me you do not accumulate enough garbage to take the trash out even though you usually do because the smell of decaying things is always horrid.
  3. The Mosquitoes have awakened and found your door sanctuary…Spray your door or you will be greeted everyday
  4. Owning a Sam’s club card living in a one bedroom apartment is not bad. It means you can buy all the toiletries once a year and be fine. The only drawback is trying to find a place to store everything.
  5. Invest in a fan: Might as well pay for all the air to be on your instead of trying to chill your entire house (SUMMER ELECTRICITY BILLS ARE BORDERLINE RAPE)
  6. Candles are AMAZING: I recommend changing the scents based on the season so it gives your house a fresh smell and you won’t get sick of anything. ($3.50 Wallflowers right now just an FYI)
  7. Ensure that all your screens are properly put on your windows…if you don’t…you will know by the wasp trying to build a nest in your window
  8. IT IS POSSIBLE TO KILL A CACTUS (if you water it like a regular plant)
  9. Peace lilies can survive in almost anything and they are natural air purifiers (THINK ABOUT IT)

So from this your list of things to own are as follows:

  1. Scented Trash Bags (Get them from Sam’s club and you wont have to buy them for at least 6 months)
  2. Mosquito spray (natural or not…your choice)
  3. Plants… (Avoid cactus if you are a newbie)
  4. Fan (Doesn’t have to be fancy…but it should probably oscillate)
  5. Candles and/or wallflowers
  6. Drain Plugs (Lowes or Home Depot)

I actually enjoy making these and I hope you find them funny and somewhat helpful as well.

If you missed Part 1 Click Here

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