“Fit Cap” June Food Wrap-up

Hey Loves,

I finally figured out how I want to present my meal plans to you guys that doesn’t require me photographing and editing photos weekly (because who really has that much extra free time with a full time job and a life). I am going to present them to you guys on a monthly basis. Granted I may make a few tweaks here and there but if there is anything drastic OF COURSE I will stop by and let you all know. For the entire month of June I will be eating this:

Missing From the Picture is the Hardy Yogurt from Meal 5
Missing From the Picture is the Hardy Yogurt from Meal 5

This is my entire week of food consumption stuffed into one photo for you guys. My daily calorie intake (on Lifting days):

1904 Calories

175g Protein

202g Carbs

41g Fat

28g Fiber

For Meal 1: Granted Today I only had 3 egg whites instead of 4 (dropped one on the floor) and I completely forgot the banana on the counter.

Meal 1_June2015

For Meal 2: I definitely prefer grilling my chicken after letting the seasonings sit for a while as opposed to my normal baking. The chicken is so much juicier and flavorful.

Meal 2_June 2015

For Meal 3: My Favorite Meal of the Day!

Meal 3_June 2015

For Meal 4: Post Workout Meal – So pretty much no matter what time of the day I workout this meal is consumed within 30 minutes after my workout. I can eat what ever kind of sugary thing I want AS LONG its below 5g Fat and no more than 38g Carbs.

PWO June 2015

For Meal 5 (Sorry forgot to photograph):

1 scoop of Protein Powder

100 g of Fat Free Yogurt

24g of Raw Almonds

So yep that is what I will be consuming Monday- Friday.

Any Questions?

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