Week One June 2015 FitCap Overview

Happy Monday!!

I would just want to say I am very excited about my workout today but lets do a recap of last week:

My average calorie burn was around 700 calories and I could not be happier with that especially since I used last week as the base settings to outdue for the next coming months. The cardio last week was mainly on the bike and the elliptical so I think this week I am going to use the stair master and treadmill. I can say that it is a little harder to do HIIT on the treadmill without having to jump off and adjust the settings. I successfully completed 5 workout (lifting) days and I had to take a break Friday night because my knees have been starting to hurt again which is usually an indication of me needing new shoes.

According to my fitness pal I was off on the calorie count and I never reached my daily protein and fat. I always meet the carbs requirement and honestly that is without even trying. Which is fine and I am not getting discouraged. I am just going to make adjustments. I keep telling myself this is not a game and it takes time and practice.

So since I am going to grocery shopping today I will be readjusting my meal plan stuff tomorrow and don’t worry I will update you guys.

Just pray for me!

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