Where can We BE BLACK!


After my last entry “Black Force Trauma” I told myself I was not going to write anything else about the subject. However after the events of yesterday and how heavy it has been playing on my heart I decided I will not be silent about this any longer. In the words of Solange “Where can we be black?”

I am sick and tired of America trying to ignore a problem that is resurfacing over and over again and blaming MY PEOPLE as if we deserve this mistreatment. When will this hatred end? You love my culture, my physical attributes, my hair and my style yet my melanin touched skin provokes hatred in you that makes walking down the street a risk.

America how can you force me to accept a man wanting to be a woman but you WILL NOT accept me as a black woman. How can you force me to accept someone’s sexual preferences but you look at me and automatically say you are better than me? You say #alllivesmatter to counter #blacklivesmatter YET are quick to provide a diagnosis to explain a racist murderer. WHO TOLD YOU YOU WERE BETTER THAN ME! What gives you the right to determine that OUR lives are not as valuable as yours?

When is being black not going to be a crime!?!

And for you who will sit here and say it’s our fault because we make EVERYTHING A RACIAL ISSUE….WAKE UP! Ignoring the problem is still acknowledging that there is a problem. The only difference is YOU MAKE THE DECISION NOT TO STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT! I am no longer silent. I AM up in arms and I am praying to God to protect us all. I pray for those who stand up (of every color and any person) for what is right and demand justice.

This cannot continue, men and women who have devoted their lives to being good people should not be gunned down in their place of worship just because they are black. YOU CANNOT tell me that there was any other reason. DON’T YOU DARE try to tell me the man who did it was just SICK.

O he’s sick all right…he is sick with the disease of hatred white supremacy. He needs prayer and he MUST pay for what he has done. He doesn’t deserve to die, HE DESERVES TO PAY FOR WHAT HE DID and HE NEEDS TO TELL US WHY.

America…the supposed land of equality and opportunity…stop being silent…STAND UP!

I am a woman. I am a Christian. I am American. AND I AM BLACK.


*Steps off soapbox to my knees to pray*

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