Clean that ISH!

Hey Loves

I have been on a decluttering/stress relief kick lately so I have been doing a lot of research (by that I mean handy dandy google) to find ways to just help my overall feeling in my life. It’s a fairly known fact that when your house is cluttered it can give you unnecessary anxiety. So here are some tips that I have learned recently that I hope can help you as well:

In Your Home

When cleaning the bedroom, always make the bed first

This is funny because the logic behind this statement makes so much sense. It’s where your clothes go to fold and it’s where you put stuff to organize before you put them away. For some reason once you make the bed the rest of the messy room looks a hot mess and it forces you to want to make your room match your bed. (Just try this the next time you clean…I’m telling you you will get the feeling)

Fold your bed sheets up and stuff them in a matching pillowcase.

COMMAND HOOKS are amazeballs!

You can use them to hang cords on cupboards and stuff. I’m currently using them on my vanity, in my closet, in my cupboards, and in my laundry room. So far that has really helped the overall look of my storage areas.

When you buy something new, you know like a shirt or something, donate two of the ones you know you don’t want to wear anymore.

Keep your discount cards on a separate key ring OR the key ring app

Wrap cords around your unused appliances and secure with Velcro

Swifter DUSTERS can cure all your problems.

Honestly I didn’t realize how awesome they really are. Just for the mere fact that they hold the dust after they

Start with one room at a time, tackle a bunch of small tasks.

The closet hanger trick in your closet will help. For those very few who don’t know what this is (THANKS OPRAH), all you have to do it turn all your hangers in the reverse direction when you put your clothes away. If by 6 months, you haven’t worn that piece of clothing (You will know since the hanger is still reverse) donate it.

In Your Car

Reuse shopping bags as trash bags

Keep all important car documents inside a small portfolio in your glove box

In Your Office

Lysol wipes are great for just giving your workspace and cleaning every once in a while.

Filing and keeping your documents organize prevents that massive pile of crap just lingering in your workspace.

Declutter your computer by getting rid of all those million icons on your desktop.


In Your Life

It perfectly fine to make a list (as long as you follow them, otherwise you are just killing trees)

Making a daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly chore list can minimalize all the anxiety that comes with keeping your life together

Me time is essential to inner peace. Whether it’s daily or weekly; just set time aside to just do you. For me personally I enjoy skin treatments and books when I want that time.

Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever so don’t force it. People make time for the ones they want to make time for.

One main thing to remember:


These are just some of the things I have started implementing in my life to make things easier. I’m actually currently working on my “command center” for my kitchen well space that hopefully will be a successful DIY so I can blog about it. (Fingers crossed)

Stay Blessed


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