Iheartbri| Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

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Hey Loves,

After 3 separate attempts of recording (and still not getting it perfect) I present to you my review on the Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

Bumble I decided to just insert the photos of the colors throughout the blog so that you guys can see them on me. The pictures that you see are “as is” swatches. That pretty much means I used nothing else (no lip pencils or anything) and as you can see the color payoff is AWESOME.

I bought 9 colors out of the 25 and I can honestly say I am considering buying more of them just because they are worth every bit of the $6 (yes thats right one SIX bucks!!) You know I cannot say no to a good bargain. Drive InI have worn these lipsticks a couple times and they have lasted all day long. My lips don’t feel the super dry matte feeling you get from wearing most mattes. After awhile of course you do have to bless your lips with moisture but it is definitely not to the level that I have to do with my other matte lipsticks. O AND DID I MENTION NO TRANSFER (unless there is some kind of oil involved but thats usually with most mattes).

The 9 colors that I bought were Bumble, Drive in , LAX, Mars,Trap,Tulle, Limbo, Ouiji, and Pacific. Now if you want to see Ouiji just go right ahead and click the video at the beginnLAXing of this post.  Pacific was bought for my sister who sat on her computer with me trying to get these lipsticks in the first place.

Which brings me to my only major CON about these lipsticks. THIS IS ONLY IN REFERENCE TO THE LIGHTER COLORS….the go on extremely streaky. Then if you wait for the first “coat” to dry and try to apply another lay to fill in the streaks, it just goes a little cray. I found it easier when I wear a lip pencil under to help with color distribution but to put the color on directly from the tube has not been as successful for Mars me.

This still does not deter me from saying that these ultra mattes are awesome. Of course my favorites are all the dark ones but as far as trap I am still trying to figure out the best combo for me to wear it. As you can see on my lips, it is not a bad color; I just need a lip liner. (I vote no for ashy crackhead look)

The biggest color shocker for me was MARS only because it is even pinker than I imagined it to be and I am very happy with that. TRAP Limbo is also even more beautiful when I put it on and to think there were 25 colors. My only reason for not buying all 25 was because some of the colors just weren’t for me. You know me I am very particular about my colors and I am still venturing out. If you want to see more pictures I will be posting pictures on instagram throughout the week to remind you all to check out the video.

With that being said please check out the video (click the link at the tulle beginning of the post) because I actually try on every color for you guys to show how great the color pay off is from the beginning.

For me these lipsticks are 2 thumbs WAY UP.


Would I buy them again? Well they restock in August and I am considering buying a couple more of them. I actually think it may be time to see if some of these bad boys are dupes for other things.

Follow me on twitter and I will let you know if they restock sooner.

Please enjoy the handswatches from the video. Of course with and without flash and look its chocolate girl friendly!

Bright Colors
Trap, Mars, Ouiji, Drive in, Bumble
LAX, Limbo, Tulle

I hope you all have a blessed day!

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