iheartbri| NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick Review

Happy Friday,

Due the major success (THANK YOU SO MUCH) of my Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick review I decided to give my opinion on the NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks as well. Out of the pack I liked 4 colors right off the back so I only bought 4. So I figure this blog will be a breakdown about each color individually and then my final thoughts at the end (still haven’t decided on how I want to do my reviews clearly)

DISCLAIMER: You do not have to read you can actually CLICK HERE to watch my youtube channel where I did a swatch and try on.

AmethystOf course I am going to start with the purple because it caught my eye on IG about 2 weeks ago. This beautiful color on my lips in the pic to our left is “Amethyst”. NYX described this color as “deep NEON purple” and I can agree to the NEON but it’s not as bright as I imagined it. Which works in my favor. This color meets my expectations because I assume if I put a lip pencil on underneath it will be even more vibrant. The color pay off of this purple is definitely a THUMBS UP from me.

Stone Fox

The next color I had to try on because of just pure excitement was “STONE FOX”. Now I have a love/hate relationship with this color only because I feel like it didnt deliver as NYX described it. According the NYX website STONE FOX is a “deep gray with blue undertones”. In my opinion its more of a “deep blue with gray undertones” From the tube it also looks more gray than how the color actually applies. HOWEVER because the color is so different I AM IN LOVE WITH IT. It not what I was expecting based off the advertisement but I am already trying to plan a look for you guys with it.


I saw Vintage on the NYX IG account and even now when I go back to look at it looked much more vibrant than the away it applied on me. I did not use lip liners or anything for my first impressions because I wanted to see their true colors. NYX describes Vintage as a “Plum with Mauve Undertones” but I am not getting a plum. I am getting more reds than plum and because of that, I think its a little softer than anticipated. I like it especially for a softer more natural look and I already started matching lip pencils. Of the 4 lipsticks I bought this was the only color you could say I was disappointed in but it is still completely wearable in my opinion.

Cherry Skies

Now the last and final color of my NYX haul is Cherry Skies and let just start by saying I am so happy that I got this color. After Vintage kind of let me down this sexy red picked me right back up. NYX described Cherry Skies as a “deep wine red” and it lives up to it. It was actually a bit reader in person and when I was filming but as we all know natural light is an uncontrolled variable so it did come off a little darker in the photo. EITHER WAY for my gold undertone skin this is a lovely red and a definite keeper in my collection.

Those are the colors that I bought. Please do me a huge favor and CLICK HERE to watch my video for the try on and swatches.


Until the next thought…Adios

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