Hey Loves,

Due to large amounts of peer pressure I succumbed to the Houston 8k mud dash. A nonrefundable race through obstacles for about 5 miles in MUD. WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF? If there is one type of exercise that I have grown to hate lately…it’s running. No matter how many times I do I ALWAYS feel like I am not getting better. At least with lifting as long as I keep a daily long I can actually feel like I am getting stronger. With running, I always feel the same out of breath, tight leg muscle feeling. I’ve been actively trying to run (on the days where it’s not above 100 degrees… in Houston that’s been very limited days). On the weekends I wake up at sunrise to get an hour of running/walking in trying to build it up to where I can just get up and straight beast mode some runs.

How’s that going?

Well I have come to realize a couple things. Number one I physically cannot get the hang of consistently running on a treadmill without feeling immediate pain in my knees. The only way I can successfully run (even though it’s a little slow run) is outside. Unfortunately for me I live in Houston, TX. And for those who are unaware….by 930 this morning the heat index was 102. The forecast has already demolished my hope of heat relief since we are going to hit actually hundreds again.

However since I already paid my money, there is no giving up. I have until October 17 to get it together so I will continue to pray to the MOST HIGH GOD to bless me with some low 80s weather to go running.

Until the next burst of thought…Adios

P.S. – Make sure you check out my latest YouTube videos (iheartbri is my channel name)

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