iheartbri| Clinique Pefectly Real Makeup Foundation Review

Hey Loves


So if you look over to the right hand side of my blog you will notice my IG photos and for those who don’t follow me on IG (SHAME) You have noticed that my foundation has been pretty awesome lately. If you have been watching my videos then you will know that I have been on the search for a foundation ever since I came back from vacay and realized my melanin was poppin more than usual.


Yes I usually wear their stay matte foundation but I decided to give something else a try. The CLINIQUE PERFECTLY REAL MAKEUP in Shade 47 and I got it from the Clinique counter in Dillards rather than Sephora since the Clinique ladies match me with no issue.

According to the Clinique website:

Controls oil

Feels like nothing at all

Creates a perfected, natural look

Oil free

Non-acnegenic (which I guess means isn’t prone to acne)

In my opinion I can agree to all of these claims especially because the foundation is really lightweight and it doesn’t feel cakey even if you put 2 layers on. I will say that if you wear concealer to conver blemishes (the way I rock the Above and Beyond Concealer) then you will have to build this foundation on top of it because one layer will not do. It is a buildable foundation and it matches me quite flawlessly. I still get flashback though but I don’t think there is a foundation that doesn’t give flashback at this point. (if you know one stop being stingy and bless my life)

Make sure you click the link above for the video on my review where you will see me putting on the makeup. THANKS

Until the next burst of thought…Adios

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