iheartbri|Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick Part II


So USPS finally got it right and gave me my much deserved lipsticks. ( I am thinking about adding the “strobing” kit because one of the highlighters they don’t sell it separately) I also want to say that Dr. M and Beeper may also be added. (I think I seriously have a problem. So without further adeiu if you want to see the swatches


KapowThe first lippies in the line up is KAPOW. According to the colourpop cosmetics website this color is subscribed as “muted grey taupe”. I originally bought this lipstick because it looked very similar to ColouredRaine “Soul” but its not. It definitely has a more mauve taupe color to it whereas soul has more of a “grey purple” color. So now I have “Grey Taupe”, “Grey Purple”, and “Blue Grey”. While looking at this picture, I actually do not get much of the ashy look as it matted. Originally, the color payoff was strong but once it matte I kind of like it as is but you guys know I will be experimenting with lip pencils.

Of course I have another purple and I have a justificatBe-Dazzledion for yet another purple. THIS IS A TRUE PURPLE. Be-Dazzled is described as “deep true purple” and it is exactly that. Even though I think I still love Amethyst from NYX I still love how vibrant this color is and it seems to get brighter when it mattes. Me personally I thinking about matching the “purple rain” lip pencil with this just because of how pigmented my lips are. As you watch the video you will notice that my lips are darker so that’s why I always add it.

JelliesThe next true color on the line up is “Jellies” and the website describes this color as “rich cobalt blue” and HONEY it tells no lies. It is a beautiful color hands down and requires no further assistance and for that matter….any further words. Because of how vibrant this color is, I feel like Dr. M may  be in my collection just because it is not the usual color or choice and it just makes you feel bolder.

GuessThe Next and final color of my part 2 ultra matte haul is Guess. A couple of my friends and even a lot of IG were shocked that this was not a true black. However looking at the site it describes Guess as “dark blackened violet”. So based off this color description I think it stayed true to it’s description. If you want it to be blacker than you could use “NYX BLACKBERRY” to darken it up or Colourpop has Bull Chic.

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