iheartbri| Wet N Wild 2015 Fall Lipstick Swatches & 1st Impression (Video)

Hey Loves,

Please Click This Photo To View the Video
Please Click This Photo To View the Video

Since today is such a lovely day I would like to thank EVERYONE for supporting my blog and my channel. I can finally say I have a pretty decent schedule that I can follow and for the next couple of weeks there may be a couple of surprise Tuesday uploads just because I have so many ideas written down in my handy dandy notebook.

While walking in Walgreen’s, I noticed a WET N WILD DISPLAY and i got very excited when I saw lipsticks. Now we all know one of the reasons why WET N WILD is loved by so many is because of its color payoff and its price.

For their fall collection they had 6 matte lipsticks:

In terms of looking at it from the tube this first lipstick, [34671]Celeb Sighting presents its true color. Its a beautiful fall color kind of reminds me of leaves changing colors. I would say its more of a rust orange-red color. As you can see from the photo even on darker lips (no lip pencils) it still has decent pay off. I would like to see what this color looks like with One The Avesome lip pencils though.

[34672] On the Ave, Is a rich fuchsia that doesn’t disappoint. I have yet to find a fuchsia I did not like, especially from Wet N Wild. For the sake of fall I find myself wanted to darken this color actually but in terms of initial reaction, this color was exactly as expected. Great for every skin tone in my personal opinion.

Coffee Buzz

If you guys have been following all of my lipstick videos then you know I have a major obsession with dark lipsticks so this is pretty much a no brainer when I say YAAAAAASSSS for [34673] Coffee Buzz. At initial glance this color is as the name implies, a deep coffee color. I can say that even on my darker lips it almost comes off as if I attempted an ombre. In reality the color change based on the change of my natural lip color. I am not complaining about this but I will definitely be using a lip pencil for it. DEFINITELY a Thumbs up!

Vintage Vibe

[34674] Vintage Vibe was a surprise for me. When looking at the tube the color looks more like a red-pink darker combo (for lack of a better description). HOWEVER when you put it on it actually has a purple undertone to it. Which in my opinion fits into the whole theme for fall colors. I do not see a reason to change this color. I would wear this color as is.

Photobomb[34675] Photobomb is another shocker in this collection. Only because I assumed I was not going to like it. Even when I swatched it, i assumed it was not going to look good on my lips. Judging by this photo I was definitely wrong. It’s another shade of red but it has a hint of orange. It’s almost as if all of these colors are combos of typical fall colors.


Last and certainly not least is [34676] Nightcap. In the tube it looks like a soft brown which I figured if anything can be added to my “anytime nudes” collection. When actually applying it it comes on even lighter than what I expected it. In the video I added Bobby Brown Lip Pencil “Raisin”in the corners just to see what it looked like.

And that’s it! Please click the picture at the beginning of the blog to view my YouTube video where I do live swatches. All of my swatches are “Come as you are” swatches which means the only color on my lips are the ones God himself put there. If you want to see what lip pencils I would use with this colors let me know.

Until the next burst of thought….Adios

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