iheartbri| Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation Review

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Yep you read correctly this is another foundation review. As everyone remembers I have been searching for foundations but my search has been an extreme struggle. I was watching “itsjudytime” and she was reviewing the SUPERSTAY BETTER SKIN FOUNDATION and she made the comment that because it comes in 12 shades that it had a “good variety”. For some reason this prompted me to go check it out. (The Power of YouTube) HOWEVER; I have to keep remembering that she meant “good variety for fairer skin tones”. I could go on a soap box about this but instead I am here to review and give my thoughts.

I found the foundation in Walmart for $9.99 and my shade is 95 Coconut, which is the LAST COLOR THEY OFFER. Last time I checked there are plenty of beautiful women who come in darker God given shades than me but they don’t get the opportunity to try this foundation because Maybelline got lazy. (I digress)

This foundation claims that it gives “all-day flawless coverage and better looking skin in 3 weeks”. After trying this foundation I can say that the COVERAGE IS AMAZEBALLS. I don’t even have to use concealer on my face when I use this makeup. It is medium to full coverage and it is completely buildable. Another good thing to note is that it feels much lighter on your face that most full coverage foundations and it is OIL FREE.

O and did I mention that it comes with a PUMP, which is completely different than the FITME foundation (which I still love). The “consistency” is lighter and I think it blends very well into my skin. I personally think it works better with a stippling brush ( I tried my buffer brush and a beauty blender but it didn’t look as good as the stippling brush) and when you first put it on it comes off a little light but once it oxidizes I am pretty satisfied with the color.

Though others have claimed you don’t need a setting powder, in terms of my oily skin you definitely need to set it. It has a semi matte finish since I still feel like I have a glow about my skin before my setting spray. I think with a primer and setting powder it is a good foundation for throughout the day but my T-zone still manages to have to get patted down a couple times throughout the day. That’s not a bad thing considering that I live in Humid Houston so as long as I am not melting I feel accomplished.

My overall opinion is that it actually is a good foundation BUT I CANNOT GIVE IT 2 THUMBS UP because again it is not WOC friendly. I cannot give my full support to a makeup company that keeps overlooking the variety chocolate box that women come in.

So Until the Next Burst of Thought…Adios

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