Halloween DIY: SCAREcrow Headband

Hey Loves,

As promised here is how I made the headband for my Chocolate Halloween Look #2 SCAREcrow. I hope you enjoyed the video and feel free to check out Look #1 in your free time.

Here is what you will need:

  1. Hot Glue GunList of Supplies_ Scarecrow
  2. Large “Fall Sunflower” (Hobby Lobby $1.99)
  3. Wired Rope (Hobby Lobby $3.99)
  4. Scissors
  5. Faux Fall Shubbery (Hobby Lobby $3.99)
  6. Faux Fall Shubbery (Hobby Lobby $3.99)

(All Fall Stuff is 40% off and you can use the normal coupon on whatever extra stuff you need)

NOTE: I have spray adhesive photographed but I did not use since the hot glue gun worked out perfectly.

STEP 1: Measure how much rope you will need by wrapping it around your head (since it’s a headband) and cut where need (BE CAREFUL)

Pull Plants

STEP 2: Take apart the Faux Fall Shubbery since you wont need all of the pieces (They slide right off). This will help you decide what you actually want to use and what may seem excessive. You can make this as big or small as you want it.

STEP 3: Decide where you want the “Fall Sunflower” to be placed on your head when you add the headband (Trial and Error)

Arrange PlantsSTEP 4: Once you pick the spot and you like where it sits on your forehead, hot glue the flower to the rope. I found that it was easier to glue the rope to the flower instead of vice versa. Excess of glue is recommended.

STEP 5: Arrange the accent fall pieces. I used the berries, and long leaves but you are free to decorate as you see fit.

Hot GlueSTEP 6: Hot glue everything down piece by piece. I recommend to flip it over again just to make you you get everything secure in place. 
 I even went the extra mile of gluing around the stems of the pants to make sure they were completely secure.

Let Dry

STEP 7 (EXTRA): If you choose to put this headband further back on your head then i recommend a piece of felt or cloth between your hair and the headband to prevent any type of pulling.

Once you get it dry and the rest of your look is complete, add the HEADBAND and….


Thank You All for checking out my blog and here are the links to the previous youtube videos CHECK IT OUT and don’t forget to subscribe:

|Chocolate Halloween Series|

Harley Quinn

The Wiz inspired SCAREcrow

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