Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer Review

Hey Loves,

I am finally here to give you my opinion on the Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer made for your under eye.

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Available Shades

While shopping in Sephora I noticed there were 20 shades available. Out of the 20 colors there are approximately 8 (12 Pecan Pie to 20 Devil’s Food) are actually WOC friendly. So that is about 40% and according to Sephora “this product offers the largest concealer shade range currently available at Sephora”. This is a good step in the right direction so I am happy that it gives some actual selection.

My current shade 14 Toffee – Tan with neutral undertones


What Does It Claim To Do

This concealer is made for under eye use and it claims to be feather light and to never settle into the fine lines on your face.  Sephora also states that “the formula is buildable in color and coverage without adding texture due to the high level of pigments”. Sephora also says that “the unique domed applicator acts like a cotton swab to provide the perfect amount of product every time. Just dip, dot and blend.”

Texture and Consistency

I can agree with Sephora and say that I like the consistency of this concealer. It’s not extremely thick and it doesn’t run down your face.

Coverage and Finish

I think the coverage would be considered medium. I have used the concealer with a beauty blender and a concealer brush BUT I prefer using my finger to get the best look. As a person with deep circles and large eyes I think it does well to cover rather than settle in my lines. It works well with my NYX translucent powder.  I also like to say that is buildable but I haven’t really needed more than medium coverage.


The concealer comes in a cliché tube so it is not a big deal nor does it make me freak out about its creativity. HOWEVER CAN WE PLEASE ADDRESS THIS “UNIQUE DOMED APPLICATOR”!? This domed applicator is anything but awesome it is ANNOYING!  I think I have gotten used to the LA GIRL Pro Concealer brush or something but I hate the dome in terms of spreading the concealer on my undereye. The only thing you can do is dot the product and spread with anything else. So that is my only issue with this concealer.


You can only get it from Sephora and it retails for $14 for 0.14 oz of product.  (They also have a Sephora collection “Pro Precision” Concealer Brush for $21—more than the concealer)


My overall idea for this product is a THUMBS UP! I appreciate the fact that companies like Sephora are opening this color spectrum. Had this product been like most of the other brands that colors options would have stopped at shade 15 and claimed to be “full spectrum”. I think it’s definitely light enough for under eye and it blends very nice.

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