How To Cope With End of the Semester Pile Up

Hey Loves,

I’ve been sitting here thinking about my sisters and it has bought me back to remembering this time of the year when all the teachers decide that they want to catch back up to their original scheduled tests and projects and want to cram it all in before finals and winter break. Did anyone else feel like the Fall Rush was WAY WORSE than the Spring Rush? I can definitely say in the engineering program, both were pretty bad but it was something about the weeks before Thanksgiving that did not make sense.

It was multiple years that I would spend so much time on the top floor of the engineering school and then I would spend my entire Thanksgiving break sleep. The cycle of sleep eat and repeat and then that following Sunday the cramming would start all over again only to flush it down the memory drain for winter break.

So I am here to present 10 tips you should try to remember to use when you feel like it is becoming extremely hectic:

Plan Ahead

This may sound extremely cliche but its better to plan so you can see everything that you have to do. Me personally I am extremely visual and I work better when I see the end point. This also helps since multiple classes always assign everything at once, so if you see you can plan.

Pick Groups with People of Similar Work Ethic and Schedules

If you are lucky enough to pick your own groups (most of the time you won’t be able to.) I suggest you pick people that you can work well with. People who have the same work ethic work well together which is a good idea. It was multiple times I got stuck with the WORST people. I would literally have to mentally prepare myself to not want to kill them because they just sucked so bad. So if you are lucky enough to pick your own groups….handle with care.

Create GroupMe

One of the best apps for group work is the groupme app. It takes all of your numbers and consolidates them into one phone number so your text will now come up like AOL messenger used to. If for some reason you have been living under a rock I will be extremely surprised if you havent heard of this app yet. That way everyone sees everything at the same time. I also recommend you name each one so you know which group you are referring to. (Keep your planner handy)

Take Daily Time for Each Subject or Agenda

Trust me when I say do not try to take on the world all at once. Take it one step at a time. Designate time for each one and stick to the times you designate. I know you will want to spend all day on one topic but that changes of you being super successful after 12 straight hours is very minimal and I recommend you take breaks.

Bring Healthy Snacks

I remember multiple nights of connected tables with papa johns, McDonalds and coffee makers (Yes we bought our own coffee makers) which I am sure as a college student sounds awesome but those are not foods to get the brain moving. Eating a healthier snacks and meals prevent that immediate itis you get from way to many carbs. Think more along the lines of you being extremely stressed out and you would rather feed your body energy



Do What’s Due First

I feel like this should go without saying but it is easier to accomplish things based on their due date. Divide and conquer is the best way to accomplish the load you have been given. I guarantee you will feel better when you start conquering the tasks that are quickly approaching their due date versus the things that are due weeks away first. So on your daily agenda attack those ideas first.

Don’t Be A Control Freak

One of the benefits of working in a group is so that you can separate the work and bring it together so that you can all get the work done. Even if you team is getting on your nerves it will benefit you NONE if you decide to take on the world yourself. Yes you will get it done but at what cost to your overall well being. School is important but anxiety gives you wrinkles and other bodily markers. Just keep that in mind.

Carry Your Own Weight

With the previous step being said, DO NOT BE THAT ONE MEMBER. Within every group there is that one person WHO IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. Do not be the weakest link!! If you are the person that constantly has to be pushed for their work chances are that person is you and YOU NEED TO DO BETTER. POINT BLANK PERIOD. Procrastination only works for one person not an entire group keep that in mind.

Get Plenty of Sleep Thanksgiving

Once it is done get a good rest…Finals are coming right after thanksgiving so catch up a bit while you can.

I hope this helps!

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