Single Girl Survival Guide| Travel Via Air

Hey Loves,

Now that the holiday season is upon it is time to start the wonderful travel season. Even us single girls have to get on the same train. I admit sometimes traveling is much easier with other people but when you are by yourself it is still completely possible. Just keep somethings in mind:

  1. Before you travel become apart of the airline, hotel, car rental, rewards plan that you associate with– might as well earn them points.  (You are welcome)
  2. The sooner you check in, the quicker you get to board and the least likely chances of you having to check in your carry on because there isn’t anymore carry on space.
  3. Set up transportation to/from the airport ahead of time- You can sometimes connect them to your airline points so yay bonus
  4. If traveling during peak season and you can’t get dropped off…plan to arrive approximately 2-3 hours early
  5. Flying does not always have to be stressful so RELAX
  6. Make sure your carry ons are easy to carry
  7. Always carry a neck pillow and a blanket – I got stuck in an airport overnight without these things and it was miserable
  8. If you don’t want to carry a small throw then at least carry a decent jacket. Most airports set their AC to arctic anyway
  9. Yoga Bras, Leggings, Tshirts – Ways to look simple chic through the airport while also avoiding the pat down
  10. Head Wraps = AUTOMATIC HEAD PAT DOWN; anything foreign will come up on the monitor

—Single Girl Tool Kit—

  1. Neck Pillow
  2. Blanket
  3. Easy to Carry Carry on bags
  4. All Travel Info, Reservations, and coupons

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