Single Girl Survival Guide| Carry On Essentials (Domestic Travel)

Hey Loves,

HEY!!! It is the holidays. Finals are here letting everyone who is in school know you are one step closer to about 3 weeks of relaxation and vacations! Or you could be like me and have to schedule your leave from work in advance to get it approved.Either way you may or may not be traveling by air and as most people know this is one of the most stressful times of the year to travel. With that being I have complied a list of ESSENTIALS that all of us ladies should have in our carry on. (Unless your entire luggage is carry on then kudos to you)

  1. Wallet & ID (Written down confirmation number)
  2. Headphones
  3. Phone
  4. Chargers
  5. Neck PIllow
  6. Blanket/Jacket
  7. Gum
  8. Music
  9. Book or Movies (I just carry my ipad mini that contains both)
  10. Chapstick

As far as the type of carry on is concerned, well keep in mind this is something you have to carry. It needs to be easily accessible when you are going through TSA and it needs to have an easy way to carry it.

What type of bag do you use when you travel? So far I definitely prefer a bookbag and purse. I can fit both bags underneath the seat in front of me and it is less hassle when it is time to get off the plane. PLUS if you plane is running late and you have to run to your connection, it is much easier to run with a bookbag rather than one of those cute purse with little straps.

So I guess that only major thing to cover would be packing for domestic travel. Don’t worry it is coming next week.

Until the next thought….Adios

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