Single Girl Survival Guide|Packing for Domestic Air Travel

Good Afternoon Loves,

As promised I am here with my tips and tricks. As a military brat who has traveled most of her life, the one thing I have definitely picked up from my mother is how to pack. Here are the best tips I have:

  1. As a single girl just know you will be carrying everything you bring to the airport YOURSELF so keep that in mind with the type of luggage you bring. I always suggest the duffel bag style bags with wheels. I say this because they are usually light weight (means you can pack more) and it has wheels (anything with wheels in an airport is a God send).
  2. Look up the weather to your destination beforehand and have a good idea of the types of things you are going to do. That way you will have less of an urge to pack “just in case items”.
  3. You should have an outfit for everyday plus one extra outfit unless you have multiple events in a day (IE: Business during the morning and hiking in the afternoon). Once you know how many outfits you need lay them out on your bed in their entirety. Yep that means shirts, pants, jewelry, underwear, extra hair accessories, even lipstick of choice if you want to be super OCD.
  4. As a rule of thumb for ladies (I cannot stress this enough) always pack extra undergarments. I usually pack twice as many for the days I am traveling.
  6. For packing I suggest you pack each outfit together. I have grouped outfits and stored them in Ziploc bags or even those space saver bags if you really need that much space. This idea prevents you from just shoving clothes in a suitcase and having to sit on them. It also helps with the organization to pack everything back down.
  7. Store socks and extra undies in your shoes. I usually just put them in a Ziploc bag and squeeze the air out of them. This helps your shoes keep shape in your suitcase as well.
  8. General Rule of Thumb: If you cannot lift your own bag down your apartment stairs, you will more than likely be paying an overweight fee.
  9. I recommend putting toiletries in Ziploc bags as well. Also take a Walmart bag (or whatever plastic bag you were planning on recycling anyways) and use that to seal your bottles. Just place a piece under the cap of your things. That way it will be double protection against leakage and you won’t be scraping your moisturizer off the side of the Ziploc.
  10. Make sure your entire luggage has proper labels that include your name, address and phone number because there is always a chance (especially during the holidays) that your luggage can get rerouted by accident. (If you don’t have labels you can just fill one out while you are waiting to check your bags in.

Single Girl Tool Kit:

  • Ziploc Bags (Gallons and Quart Size)
  • Plastic Shopping bags
  • Optional: Space saver bags
  • Baggage Labels
  • Duffel Bag with Wheels
  • Luggage Weight Scale

I hope you all have a safe Holiday season. Stay Blessed


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