PSA: NO! You CANNOT touch my Hair!

*Steps on Soap Box* (I Feel like I haven’t been up here in a while)

This particular topic is a very sensitive topic for me so let me start off by stating the very obvious (yet needed to be stated) disclaimers:

  1. I am by no means implying that all people of other ethnicities are stupid and/or inferior in any kind of way by being PRO BLACK. I am uplifting my people because we are all constantly put down and seen in a negative light. (#blackgirlsmagic)
  2. Just because I am stating my discomfort DOES NOT make me an angry black women (I will readdress this again shortly)
  3. Please start being aware of how insensitive simple actions can be

—Now on to your regular schedule rant—


Let me start by telling you guys a funny story. One night I was at a bar enjoying the company of my friends and playing pool. While at the bar closing out our tab this random drunk girl (Caucasian if you must know) came out of nowhere and reached for my hair. I immediately backed away and stated “NAW You can’t just walk up and touch my hair”. Needless to say this drunk chic looked shocked and one of my friends said “That did not just happen”, at which point the drunk is still looking at my hair trying to devise whatever plot she was coming up with in her drunk head to try again. Now would it have been wrong if I grabbed her hand or decked her from coming up to me to quick? NO

and here is why not….PERSONAL SPACE.

When did it become okay to just randomly walk up to a stranger and start touching them. YES MY HAIR IS APART OF ME! Incase it is not apparent, I am not an animal at the petting zoo. There is no line waiting to touch me or feed me with those little pellets. I am a person and just because my hair is a different texture than yours does not give you the right to just walk up and invade my personal space. In all reality just think about it, would you be okay with a random stranger just walking up and touching you? And yes this issue for me has occurred more with Caucasian women than any other group but this is a PSA for any person of every race who has had the urge to randomly touch my hair and wonder why I give them the look of death. And you know this does not even go out to just the random strangers who have tried my life, this goes out to all people that I have met and they lack the common knowledge. (You are welcome)

I have heard countless stories about black women being harassed and most of the time it is about our hair. The part about this that is the worst is that the people who do harass us come up with this RIDICULOUS excuses to justify the invasion of my personal space. And for the sake of adding some humor I have decided to break down why these are ABSOLUTELY STUPID!!!

I wanted to see if it was real.

(Straight Face) Exactly HOW or WHAT gives you the audacity to even try it! First of all I am tired of the world making it seem like Black women are the only group who wear weave. EXTENSIONS are weaves. If you clipped some hair in to give your flat hair some body then guess what IT IS A WEAVE AND IT IS NOT REAL! This will never be a justification and along with the side eye you could catch some words from me. BE CONSIDERATE.

To be clear your excessive need to critique my natural hair is showing your inability to accept the way I am. Among other things this is heavy issue that needs to be rectified IMMEDIATELY. (But on another soap box)

I wish my hair could do what yours does (While reaching out to grab it again)

It seriously takes an act of God to keep me from wanting to slap fire all across this one. Mainly because they think they are complimenting me and using that as some sort of payment to try again and touch my hair. I feel that since the initial effort was a no and I clearly started “Don’t try it”, the second time should warrant an automatic back hand.

Black women shouldn’t be so sensitive about their hair.

I know that Chris Rock made that Hair movie and now for some reason you think you understand what it is to have black hair but again I must reiterate it is still NOT okay to invade my personal space to cure your curiosity. There are plenty of ways to educate oneself without using the sense of touch or making insensitive ignorant comments. I have no problem talking about my hair or even discussing the differences with yours. JUST ASK!

At the end of the day this is what I would like to really convey, treat me like a normal human being. You constantly making a big deal about something that is completely normal in this world is just showing me how much you refuse to accept me for who I am. Pulling of hair can be a Class A Misdemeanor which is a JAILABLE offense. It is very easy to prove serious bodily injury when you invade my personal space. Keep that in mind and JUST BE CONSIDERATE.

I am a person!

*Steps Off Soap Box*

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