2016 Birthday Sephora Haul

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is enjoying their MLK day. Since today was the last day to receive double points on skincare at Sephora I decided to go pick up my birthday gift a week early (and of course check out some goodies)

Sephora Birthday

This year it was between Marc Jacobs and Fresh and clearly had to jump at the opportunity to try their soy face cleanser but an even better bonus was their rose face mask.

The box says the cleanser removes impurities and makeup without stripping away essential moisture. And the rose face mask is a hydrating toning mask infused with real rose petals that leaves the complexion radiant and supple.

I’ve never used a product that claimSerums to be friendly for all skin types but of course I am excited to try them.

One of the items I actually wanted to get was the Ultimate Moisture Serum from Sephora. This claims to revitalize dull and thirsty skin, decrease the signs of fatigue, reduce the appearance of the first signs of aging. Since the weather is flipping out my skin has not quite figured out what it wants to do but I think this is the best time to get my skin back in gear.

Lip Balm

As my friend put it “this cold weather is great for my skin but not for my lips” For this reason I decided to look into some stronger lip equipment. I can say from experience since I started using this product as soon as I bought it, it is thick. Luckily it is not sticky and sadly it has no taste (yes I tasted it ) I think the next time I will try the sugar products. Has anyone tried those?

Origins Rose Mask

Now the last thing I got soley because while talking to the Sephora lady I noticed there was one left, at which point, this employee began gushing about how much she loved this mask. I am one of those people who judge the employees by what their skin looks like underneath her makeup and she wasn’t even wearing any (I made her cotton swipe her cheek to make sure.) It is the Origins Original Skin Retexturing Mask with Rose Clay. I am excited to wash my face today I can definitely say that. Have you all been to Sephora this year? Are you trying to become a VIB member? I feel like at the rate I keep trying skincare products I may end up that way. I am trying to have the perfect skincare routine to share with you guys in the spring.

Have a blessed day loves!


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