Wet N Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray Review

Hey Loves,


I decided to try something different so if the quality of the video is not there it is because I decided to record this review on my ipad so that I did not have to carry my DSLR with me. I don’t have a smaller camera (yet) so yeah lets get this review started.

setting spray close
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||||| Product Information|||||

Photo Focus Setting Spray
1.52 fl. oz.


I personally find the packaging to be cute and compact. I kept it in my purse for the entire day that I tested this product and not once did I look into my bag and see the cap popped off. So I can say that packaging is durable.


   1. Contains Aloe Vera to Hydrate Skin

According to its ingredient list Aloe Barbadensis Leaf is included HOWEVER out of the 20 it is listed as number 16. ( IF you would like a ingredient breakdown please leave a comment down below).

    2.  For all skin types

    3.Prevents cracking, smudging, fading or creasing

    4. All day wear (for the sake of this test that is approximately 8 hours)

|||||Texture & Consistency|||||

It is as in claims in regard to being a light weight liquid so it sprays fairly evenly and does not leave big liquid spot on my face. It does not dry matte as you see in my video but it did not immediately make my face oily.

|||||Final Thoughts|||||

Since testing this product I have been using it every time I wear my makeup. I find myself touching up around 3-4 hours of wear which is fairly expected. I can say that I do not think this product cause more oil build up for me personally even though my T Zone still pushed through with the shine.

Would I recommend this spray? Yes because its affordable and it seems to be holding up against my oily skin.

The next test I will do will be primers so which primers would you like an all day test on?

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