Pros/Cons of DIY COFFEE Body Scrub

Hey Loves,

As promised in my “Winter Skincare” Video, I am here with the pros and cons of the coffee body scrub. With the help of handy dandy Google, I think I have found enough to tell you guys what you need to know and hopefully give you enough reasons to try it out. Don’t worry if I successfully convince you I will leave instructions down below on how to make it for yourself.


The best part about an exfoliator is the fact that it removes all of your dead skin and leaves your skin super soft. Coffee grounds do just that because they are what we call a mechanical exfoliate. The benefit to using a mechanical exfoliate versus a chemical exfoliate is that it scrubs away dead skin without the use of enzymes or acidic properties that could actually be harmful to your skin. Plus an added bonus is that coffee grounds have been known to improve circulation in your skin would will give you that smooth, glowing skin.

The best part of coffee is the caffeine that give many the energy they need to get through their day. While consuming  caffeine is great, it also presents some pretty awesome benefits when used on your skin. Caffeine is known to treat redness and inflammation, reduce the under eye circles and even temporarily get rid of cellulite. With regular use of this scrub, you will notice that your skin is evenly toned and really smooth (Trust me it works!)

Did I mention how much money you are saving?


This scrub is a little messy so make sure you have your bath tub cleaner on hand. Other than that I found no downside to a coffee scrub.

|||||DIY Time|||||
Naptural 85 has a great DIY scrub if you are an actual coffee drinker| CLICK HERE

But since I don’t drink coffee, you can do a couple different things to get your coffee grounds. You could just go to the store and buy some (I recommend a smoother blend cause some of them are just too rough for skin), you could get your place of work to recycle the coffee grounds (recycling is always a plus), or you could get the cheap coffee and use a food processor to smooth it out. Really it does depend on how hard you want to work.

All you need is olive oil to mix your coffee in and some exfoliating gloves. I recommend standing in the shower when you do this because at least you can contain the mess to the shower. Wet your skin and apply your mixture with your gloves all over your body. I have personally never used it on my face but apparently some people do. With the use of olive oil when you go to rinse the scrub off in the shower you will notice how soft your skin feels almost immediately.


I hope you try it out.

What scrubs do you swear by?



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