1 Step WonderGel Nail Color Review

Hey Loves,

I apologize for the 2 weeks of silence but I was enjoying my vacation. I will be uploading 2 videos a week for a while just because I have a lot of stuff I want to get out for you guys.

If you watched my “What’s new at the drugstore” video then you will know that I randomly picked up the new 1 step Wondergel Nail Color in “Under My Plum”. The color is awesome however I decided to do a review.

Up to 2 weeks of color & shine based on consumer grading
no UV Light required
no harsh removal
no top coat needed

So I have worn this nail polish with or without a top coat and I did not get 2 weeks of color and shine. Without a top coat the color remains beautiful and does indeed have a shine but honestly after a day I was already having chips. Especially after taking a shower or working out and since I do not want to be doing my nails every couple of days. I have never gotten the gel on my nails at a nail salon so I cannot base it off that.

Final Thoughts:
As far as colors, they are stunning but they do not hold up like the claims state. You will get chips and stuff before the first week is over. But again its not a manicure and I have yet to find the save all top coat that prevents chipping and such like it claims.

Have you guys used this nail polish?


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