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Hey Loves,

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Of course I am back to share more of my obsession with Colourpop  and this time it will be short and sweet. I bought the Karrueche line and sadly I must say nothing really blew me away especially with the color choices. I am by no means saying that the colors are ugly, I am just not amazed by them.




I bought two of the eyeshadows. Crenshaw on my skin tone is very neutral and looks great on me especially when since I have really been enjoying a very natural eye lately. Colourpop describes it as a matte warm saddle brown. I am assuming saddle is in reference to the orange undertones it has.

When I first opened Beverly, my initial reaction was that it looked exactly like Central Perk from their fall collection. So i decided to swatch and see if I could tell a difference:Beverly Vs Central Perk.jpg

As you can see Central Perk is a much richer more violet purple where was Beverly has more red in it. Colourpop describes Beverly as a matte deepened blackberry whereas Central Perk is a matte dirt maroon. I also found that I got a richer color pay off from Central Perk and beverly is another color I would add to my more neutral or everyday looks. (Spring Looks are in the works)


I bought all 3 of the ultra matte lipsticks since I am already well aware of how amazing these are. I have actually done two other lip swatch videos of their ultra mattes so don’t forget to check those out. Instead of showing each of the colors separately on my lips (Click the link to the video above to see) I decided to compare the lipsticks to other colourpop colors. Before I show you those I wanted to tell you about each of the colors still.

Kae: (deep warm yellow brown) for some reason I kept saying it was read but I realize now the brown does have yellows in it and it surprisingly looked very good against my skin.

Rooch: (deepened russet wine) out of the three colors this is my favorite hands down. I really find myself getting into reds again and this is a great red on skin tone.

Chi: (cool tone nude beige) THIS COLOR HAD ME LOOKING CRAZY!!!!!!!! It’s a lot more vibrant than I expected and for any WOC it should be worn with a lip liner of some sort at all times.

Here are the comparisons:

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