Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup Broad Spectrum 35

Dior Blog

Available Shades: 16 Shades

Available WOC Shades: 5-6 (2 shades darker than my match)

My Color: 060 Mocha

Texture & Consistency
Luminous Matte Finish

Light Frangrance that smells like heaven

True Liquid Foundation
Medium to Full (Buildable)

Claims to give 16 hours of foundation coverage and SPF 35. I have worn the foundation twice. I can say it did not hold well for me as a “night out” foundation. When I got home the only thing really left on my face was concealer. The location was hot and so I did sweat a little. THIS FOUNDATION DOES NOT HANDLE SWEAT WELL!


IT HAS A PUMP (YAS JESUS). I think the packaging is a typical for a foundation bottle.


$50 at Sephora and Dior.com


My overall opinion is a THUMBS down. I don’t see myself investing $50 in this makeup because it really just did not last on my face. I love the smell  but I was not impressed. Sorry Dior. The website claims to give flawless coverage but I tried the foundation with and without concealer and I needed to concealer and more foundation to achieve the flawless look it claims and I think that is too much work.

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