5 Fitness “Hacks” to Live By

Hey Loves,

I know. I know. I have been completely quiet about what has been going on with my fitness and I am pretty sure you are wondering what have I been up to. To be honest I have been trying to get my life together and back on track.

So here are 5 things I have been using repeatedly in my workouts and struggles to workout:

  1. Sock Armband & Ipod: Are you tired of having to buy a new armband with every new phone that comes out? Especially since they are getting bigger and bigger. So the best solution I found (Thanks Pinterest) is going to the dollar store, buying a set a of socks and cutting the toes off. Fold that bad boy up and VIOLA!…an arm band.
  2. GYM BAG READY: The night before I always pack my gym bag and it always gets put in the car when I go to work. That way when I get off work it stares at me as I drive so I feel guilty enough to stop. Actually being prepared ahead of time helps me stick to my goals of working out everyday, or until my body tells me to take a break.
  3. Drink a full glass of water before every meal can help in 2 ways. The first if helps you ensure you are consuming more than your normal intake of water. Drinking a gallon of water for me has become second nature and my body loves me for that habit. The second and still important reason is that drinking water is a good way to fill up your stomach without adding calories which means when it is time to eat you will eat less.
  4. Snacks: Whether this snack is coming before or after your workout they actually serve a purpose. Depending on how your eating schedule is a post workout might actually be your last meal (my last meal is sometimes just a protein shake). For me a pre workout snack is a much needed thing as I need a pick me up when i get off work. I recently tried to look into pre-workouts to take but for now I always ensure I have a good fruit and some nuts to snack on while I drive to the gym (Which is about 30 mins from my job)
  5. NEVER SKIP MONDAYS: I know. It’s the beginning of the week and the weekend has ended but that does not mean that everything is terrible. You want to start your week off right and that includes and good Monday Workout. Ironically for me Monday’s are my longest workouts of the week because I added in a cardio class so that I don’t lose the desire to get my hour of cardio in.

I have other things I want to share but I try to stick to this 5 rules to get started everyday.

Have you worked out today?

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