50 Shades of Feminism

In this day and age the word Feminism and even the person known as a feminist is looked at from multiple views. For some they see someone (male or female) who believes in the idea of what some would called “True Feminism” and that is EQUALITY. Then there are some who view feminism and it’s entirety as a “useless platform used to further the agenda of other, more popular platforms. AND THEN there is even another group who if you asked would probably just say it is a bunch of lesbians and sluts who want rights to have sex with whomever they please.

So who is correct?

To me feminism is a multifaceted belief. If you stripped it down to its core you would or at least I would hope that you find the central idea that women are no less than men in any form and should be treated as such. Now depending on how you see the world from this core idea that could bring a lot of different interpretations. To some people like Amber Rose, her main platform is slut shaming. Is this a feminist agenda or is this a women trying to justify her own behavior? Or really what about breast feeding in public? Abortions? What about a woman who doesn’t want children? Does that make her less of a woman?

I bring these examples forward to show that what you believe you can do as a woman is feminism. No one can tell me how as a woman I am to define myself. My girlfriends and I are firm believers that if you make the decision to do something then you better OWN it! Which brings me to another core point of feminism: CHOICE. For some reason anytime you hear someone say anything about Choice, it is usually only associated with abortions. However if you stop and really think, isn’t the core feminist view just saying we deserve the right to make our own choices?

In our world today the only time I noticed feminism getting any light is when someone is naked again (Yes I am referring to Kim and Amber) or when Taylor Swift gets her pack of models together on instagram. Of course now with social media it is very hard to say that feminism is a strong movement because with the examples previously mentioned it is completely plausible that the core values have been under spoken.

Who can really say what feminism is or what should be? I know that position is not for me because I am still trying to learn and define feminism for myself. Should we break away from some are calling “mainstream feminism”? Does it hold any real truth that would help produce a world of equality? Or should we just give feminism a break until everyone comes together more unified or with a solid platform?

As I sit here and pose these questions I do not have any of those answers. I would love to think that these kinds of blogs open a door for discussion and at a bare minimum some kind of thought that you may not have had earlier. Today on amazon I found a book by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. If you have not read her book Americana, you should but the book I am thinking about reading is “We Should All Be Feminists”.

Have any of you read this? What are your thoughts on feminism? I would love to hear your thoughts; however due to the sensitive nature of this topic let us all be mindful of each other in the comments.

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