Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks


After some extremely unnecessary issues with the USPS (AGAIN!) I finally got my package and I am finally able to share with you guys these new lipsticks. In my opinion Colourpop has done it again with these colors (I am actually thinking about ordering 3 or 4 more). They feel GREAT on my lips but unlike their ultra mattes, the staying power is not as awesome. My lipstick was on my cups and everything but hey reapplying never killed anyone in this sense.

Ultra Satin Lipsticks Blog



Marshmallow (Greyed Out Lavender)

FINALLY A LAVENDER. At this point I feel like I officially have every shade of purple and I am even more ready to rock this loud color. One its on it is a little too bright on me but luckily I did get the MARSHMALLOW pencil. It is darker than the lipstick but I am going to try a dark purple and maybe NEVER pencil.



Petit Four (Deep Charcoal Grey)Petit Four

Another color I have been search for is a true grey and I found it in PETIT FOUR. I was worried that is was going to be blue based like the NYX LIQUID SUEDE STONE FOX but I was happily corrected. I am thinking using a black lipstick underneath could really bring this color out. On my natural lip it still looks really nice on my lips, but due to the dark brown I think I may still need a lip pencil underneath. The lip pencil for PETIT FOUR is about 4 shades darker than the lipstick. I like how colourpop made the matching lip pencils darker for the brighter colors. It is as if they thought about how they would look on everyone.

ToolipsTooLips (Deepened Plum Brown)

When looking on IG and looking at the swatches on the website I figured this would be a lovely color for any WOC. However for me it is what I would consider a nude because of my lip color. Which when I was applying it was a nice surprise. The matching lip pencil is again a darker plum brown but I think I may buy another. I use BFF 3 for most of my nudes but the pencil has more of a brown tone to it so why not see what it can do.


DSCN2744Tansy (Medium-Toned Yellow Brown)

If I may be honest, TANSY is my least favorite of the 5 that I bought. I think it is a pretty color but my skin and my undertones, it really does nothing for me. I look kind of washed out with it on. Maybe if I go really crazy with the eyes one day I will use this color to contrast it. I think for colourpop lip pencil options this would look good with any of the BFF 3. It looks much more yellow on me than any of the swatches or IG photos I have seen. Maybe I will mix it with PITCH.


Prim (Dark Blackened Red)

First of all when you see if the name, if you do not automatically think of HUNGER GAMES I have to side eye you. This is my safe color purchase with this review. I had no doubt that this color would look great on me. It gives me a pink vibe even though not looking at the description it says blackened. I have never really understood that as a description for makeup colors. Colourpop Lip Pencil options I have would be CREATURE or ELLARIE.

Now after this review I am thinking about getting LYIN KING, PANDA, and MESS AROUND. Have any of you guys tried this color? Would you recommend them?


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