Hair Chat| Simple Co-Wash Routine

Hey Loves,

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As requested in my previous giveaway (Thank You to those who participated), it was requested that I do hair videos. So I decided that my first Hair video would be my simple cowash routine. This is for the weekends where I have a lot of stuff going on and my twist outs need a quick refresher for the weekend. I do not recommend you do this method often as it negates the deep conditioning portion of the hair routine.

Also I recommend doing as much as you can outside of the shower. This saves water and helps the process go much faster. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. I section my hair into 4 sections and clip them. They don’t have to be perfect just helps you focus on each step better and again it makes the process in the shower go easier.
  2. Taking one section at a time, I saturate my hair with water (I sometimes add Aloe Vera Gel to this water).
  3. For me once my hair is wet it is a little easier to manipulate so this is the time where I finger detangle. TAKE YOUR TIME! The detangle part should be done as gently as possible to minimize hair loss.
  4. Next I saturate my hair with oil and conditioner. Just take a “glop” of coconut oil and rub it into your hand to melt it and then add it to your hair. Make sure to take time to massage your scalp and cover your hair from root to tip. FOCUS more attention on your ends of your hair as they are the oldest parts. Then take some conditioner ( I use Suave Professionals) of your choice and add that to your hair as well. This is just adding more slick to ensure detangling is going to be as easy as possible.
  5. Using a wide tooth comb ( I love my shower comb) gently start to comb your hair from the ends to the root. Slowly go up as it becomes easier to comb. If you start at the root I guarantee you will have a lot more hair loss and I know we are trying to avoid that.
  6. Once the section is detangled, put it in a bantu knot and clip. Repeat for all your sections.

Now you have completely detangled your hair. If you have time this is where you can sit under the dryer with coconut oil in your hair or you can hit the shower:

  1. When cowashing always make sure to massage your scalp. (I use Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Conditioner with added Argan Oil and Yendor Oil) Helps breakup any dirt that needs to be removed with the water. Because your hair is already detangled and sectioned, I recommend you start with the front section and work to the back to ensure all the products are out of your hair.
  2. While still in the shower and after i complete each section I spray my hair with a mixture (Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerin, Peppermint Oil, Water) and I seal it with my Hair Oil (Got it from Naptural 85 and added Argan Oil, JBCO, Grapeseed Oil).
  3. Once you are done DO NOT DRY YOUR HAIR WITH A TOWEL, as the rough fibers could cause breakage and frizz. Use an old t-shirt.

There you have it. My simple co wash routine and I can say it takes me much longer to detangle than it does to actually co wash my hair.

Do you have a cowash routine?

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