My Top 5 Makeup Habits

Hey Loves,

There are somethings in life all women should be aware of. Makeup “hacks” are definitely something that should be universally shared at all times because we should be looking out for each other. I have personally been a victim to the “White Flash Face” and other things I would rather not revisit but after doing some research (by that I mean I went on youtube) I learned some things that you should also remember:


Before you apply any concealers or foundations you should always start with a clean, fresh and primed face. Skincare is just as vital as clean brushes. Once you have a clean face AND you applied your moisturizer priming is essential. Especially if you have oily skin like me, if you skip this step then your makeup will not look as great at want it to. You should also consider using an eyeshadow primer as well.

Drugstore Primers:
Milani Prime Shield Mattifying + Pore Minimizing Face Primer ($9.99)
ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer ($3)

Higher End:
The POREfessional: Matte Rescue Invisible-Finish Mattifying Gel ($28)
Kat Von D Eyeshadow Primer Potion ($20)

|Color Correction|

After you put on your primer and you are about to apply concealer and foundation STOP and color correct first. Depending on the types of issues you need to cover determines the types of concealers you will use. For dark spots and acne scars on most WOC using orange will cancel out the color. As a safe rule of thumb the concealer color you need is the reverse color on the color wheel. For example if you have a lot of redness, you can cancel that color with greens and yellow concealers depending on your skin tone. I promise if you color correct first you will use less product and you will avoid the Crayola cake face look.

|Perfect Matched Foundation|

Foundation Matching, despite what the ladies do at Sephora and Ulta, you SHOULD always match your chest. If you talk to some people they would say it should match your neck but look in a mirror right now. Notice your neck and chest are not exactly the same color but you notice the color on your chest and your face vs the shaded neck right? For this reason I (and a lot of other people like the beautiful JACKIE AINA) suggest that you test the colors on your check. To get a full idea of what I am saying just check her video out:

|Master the Technique: Blending|

Blending is vital, essential, necessary, a huge must, whichever synonym you want to use. EVERYTIME YOU WEAR MAKEUP YOU MUST BLEND! I am not just referring to your eyeshadow but I am also referring to your foundations and concealers. Blend from your hairline to your neck, unless you want the flash of the camera to expose all of it. (Because we know flash discriminates not). Blending it what gives you the flawless look you watch your favorite MUAs and youtubers accomplish.

|No Color is OFF LIMITS-Check Yo Shade!|

Some people (mostly men) have managed to make you believe that woc of color and especially darker skin African American women cannot or should not wear bright color lipstick. AS USUAL they are and will continue to be wrong about what is beautiful. No color is off limits, HOWEVER; you should always consider the shade of the color. For example if I were to wear a red lipstick, I would prefer a red with a blue undertone versus and yellow undertone. Both colors are red but I know which SHADE of red looks better with my skin and my undertones.

I think even at the beginner level these are essential rules you should take into consideration the next time you want to beat your face.

What other tips do you think are a must when you wear makeup? Leave a comment.

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