Fit Chat| I’ve Fallen and I am trying to get up

In this beautiful year of 2016, I have come to the conclusion that I am tired. Tired of looking at myself in the mirror trying to imagine what my body would look like if I just stayed committed. Tired of looking at myself in the gym knowing that I am stronger and having nothing to show for it in the mirror. SICK and tired of trying on clothes that would flatter my body type but having to squeeze into a pair of Spanx just to not be disgusted with my own reflection.

Since having this epiphany I have also decided to do the ultimate overshare of my experience for the next 90 days. That way someone else can listen to my wining other than my loved ones and MAYBE since I have to stay true and honest I will do well so I don’t have to report anything bad.

So this chat is to breakdown how I am going to keep track on the blog and that is by keeping a detailed “fitness” bullet style journal and myfitnesspal and then every Tuesday at 8am CST you will be blessed with a Fit Check Up. So starting tomorrow you will see my Fit Check Up to show all my starting measurements, my weekly goals, my workout schedule and my planned weekly meal plan. If you want to see what my bullet journal looks like I can work on that.

I am giving myself 90 days to commit fully so we will see how this goes because it has clearly been a very mental battle for me that I have not been able to translate it into long standing results.

I am taking down all of my previous fitness related checks and things because I am treating this like it is brand new.

Anyone Taking the plunge with me?

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