Fit Check Up 2016|Week 1 Starting Point

Hey Loves,

I just want to say I am so sorry I am off at training and did not schedule the blog like I thought I had.

Here is my starting stats:

Weight: 229.16 lbs

Arms 14.5″
Bust 40.5″
Chest 36″
Stomach 41.5″
Booty 48.5″
Thighs 31″
Calves 16.5″


  • 500-800 calories burned a day
  • 5-6 workouts a week
  • incorporate yoga 3 days/ week
  • rest days: Friday and Sunday
  • 1450 Calorie Intake Maximum


  • Traveling for training

|||Exercise Schedule|||

  • Monday: Hotel Gym Back and Triceps
  • Tuesday: Hotel Gym Glutes
  • Wednesday: Hotel Gym Chest and Biceps
  • Thursday: Regular Scheduled Leg Day
  • Friday: Active Rest Day (Yoga)
  • Saturday: Shoulders, Abs, Spin Class
  • Sunday: Yoga

Due to training this week I am sticking to salads at every restaurant we go to and oatmeal and whole wheat toast for breakfast.

What are you doing for the week?

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