Single Girl Survival Guide| Laundry 101

Hey Loves,

It’s that time again for another single girl (well in this case ADULT) survival guide. Laundry was something I was doing when I was still a kid in my parents house but college showed me that was not the case for everyone. So here today, whether you have a washer and dryer in your home or you have to trek to the laundromat (BLESS YA HEART) this guide should help.

White Vinegar is a laundry staple

A couple weeks ago, I was complaining to my mom about how my gym clothes and my gym equipment have not been up to pare when it comes to how they should smell after I do laundry. After verifying that I have taken the time to clean my washing machine (Don’t worry its Tip #XX for those who did know this was needed), she suggested white vinegar. White vinegar as most can tell you is a wonderful non toxic cleaner that I already use in my house. Not only will this clean your washing machine but it eliminates odor in your clothes. Also if you are in a Laundromat that has the older washing machines I suggest adding it into where the bleach is supposed to go or add it during the rinse cycle that way it will eliminate smells if they don’t clean theirs.

Fabric softener is the difference between exfoliating your skin and drying off after a shower

Aside from not buying super cheap towels and such please use fabric softener. If your towels are hard as a rock and you trying to figure out why your clothes have lost their comfort and glory, it is probable that fabric softener is needed. If you choose not to use liquid fabric softener in your washing machine, then I suggest using a dryer sheet in your dryer. Just don’t leave your clothes struggling. Your future houseguests or your truthful family will talk about you.

Sheets should be changed twice a month MINIMUM

This was the number one thing that grossed me out in college and why when i visited people I would rather stand than sit on their bed. Why does this even have to be said? Oh well it must be said. Feel free to wash them more and I recommend having at least 2 sets of sheets on deck per bed that way if you do not feel like finishing laundry you can just make your bed with the other sheets.

Pillows need to washed twice a year.

Now this is something that I am sure some people do not know because it is something I did not really pay attention too until I started Seasonal Cleaning schedules (Can be discussed in another guide if you want) Think about it though since your pillows and mattress (I suggest a mattress cover) hold everything you leave every night for years. I think they deserve some love as well. Pinterest has tons of bloggers who suggest their methods for washing pillows if you are not sure.

Separate Clothes and Turn Jeans Inside Out

I noticed a lot of guys, except for white clothes would wash everything together and that is not a good idea. Number 1 you have to remember that the dyes and stuff in your jeans and darker clothes will dull your bright colors. For that reason also you should turn your jeans inside out. I usually have 4 sections (not counting dry cleaners): Darks, Lights, Whites, and Towels/Sheets. You could even invest in those sections hampers if you want to get fancy but for me the floor of my laundry space works just fine until I organize that room.

Conserve Energy – Dry Multiple Loads Together

If you want to save a little on your electricity usage on wash days I suggest you combine loads in the dryer. Especially if you are living alone or at the Laundromat, and just have everything done at once. (Save some quarters for next time.)

Fold Clothes Immediately

I cannot tell you how many times I have pushed my clothes to the other side of my bed and slept next to them or scooted them into a chair and just ignored that. This creates clutter and will eventually become such a massive pile. My suggestion is fairly simple, fold them as they come out of the dryer and put them away. Sunday evenings when I am preparing for my work week there has been plenty of times I was watching tv and folding laundry. Its a process no one really wants to do but do it anyways.

Save Energy – Hang clothes

Another way to save and conserve energy is to invest in a hanging rack. I have a hanging rack in my laundry room as well as the hanging rack I bought from target. I use the hangers from my Walmart workout clothes in the laundry room to hang up clothes. Mainly because some clothes lose their shapes in the dryer and i like to conserve the elastic in my workout attire. There are plenty of different kinds that could fit your home. If you are at the laundromat then i suggest bringing a garment bag to transport the clothes you choose to hang or put them in the dryer on a low heat cycle.

Dry Cleaners

If you have a bit of extra cash or care about your “fancier” clothes i suggest finding a good dry cleaners. I take all of my thift store jackets and work clothes to a dry cleaners instead of washing it myself. I like they way they iron my blazers and stuff it does not cost me more than $1.25 for one item. I made it my business to be nice to them and they know me by name when I come in. That way my stuff gets taken care of.

Washing Machine and Dryer Maintenance

The last and final tip today involves the maintenance of your 2 major tools. How often do you put your washing machine on a cleaning cycle or vacuumed the lent from your dry cleaner? If you don’t clean lent from your dryer and it builds that can become an actual fire hazard. Not cleaning your washing machine can cause it have funny odors that will translate to your clothes. Bleach is a good cleaner even though me personally I have switched fully to vinegar.

Laundry Detergent (Buying bigger is cheaper. My favorite is Tide with Bleach
Fabric Softener
Dryer Sheets
Clorox 2 (If your clothes need a boost)
Stain Remover (Shout is great)
Drying Rack
White Vinegar

Any other tips?


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