Fit Check Up| Week 2

Hey Loves,

Would I consider week 1 a success? NAW not even close. But I know that was due to my training and me not planning for it. Everything is back to normal for Week 2 and I readjusted my meal plan to be more filling but less calories. My average caloric burn was around 630 but I had one day under 500. Sadly in Lafayette, their salads were not the best and plus I was not eating regularly. Due to a travel day, I combined Chest & Biceps Day with my Saturday workout and I really liked this combo. So I have made a couple adjustments. As far as Yoga, I did not get it in as much as I like. Am I disappointed with the Week 1, YES, but I already know it is game time.

Yet again I will be traveling through the weekend so this week is more about what I am eating rather than my workouts, hince why I changed it.

Here is my End of Week 1 Stats:

Weight: 232.2 lbs (+2.6)


Arms 14.0″ (-0.5″)
Bust 39.5″ (-1.0″)
Chest 36.5″ (+0.5″)
Stomach 42″ (+0.5″)
Booty 48.5″
Thighs 31″
Calves 16.5″

** I also know that my measurements can be a little off. I am saving progress photos to once a month since its pretty depressing taking photos once a week.**


  • 500-800 calories burned a day
  • 5-6 workouts a week
  • incorporate yoga 3 days/ week
  • rest days: Friday and Sunday
  • 1450 Calorie Intake Maximum


  • Experiencing major body pains but I can’t decide if they require braces or if its just me being sore.

|||Exercise Schedule|||

  • Monday:  Back, Triceps, Body Combat
  • Tuesday: Full Leg Day
  • Wednesday: Chest, Biceps and Body Combat
  • Thursday: Travel Day
  • Friday: Active Rest Day (Yoga)
  • Saturday: On Travel
  • Sunday: On Travel

|||Meal Plan|||

  • Breakfast: Meal Replacement Shake, 1 Tbsp Fiber, 16 oz Crystal Light, Vitamins
  • Mid Morning Snack: Banana
  • Lunch: 4 oz. Turkey Wraps, 1/2 cup of Cilantro Lime Rice
  • Pre Workout Snack: Orange, Pre-workout Drink
  • Dinner: Chicken Salad

I honestly think food is more important that anything so that shall be handled.

What are you doing for the week?

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