Review|Juvia’s Place Nubian 2 Palette

The Nubian 2 Blog Picture

Hey Loves,

So if you have not heard about Juvia’s Place YOU ARE SLEEPING! I am sure the Nubian Palette has been all over your IG and all over mines. I decided after all the rave reviews I would give the site a try and I am glad that I did.


It comes in this really pretty palette with the face of Nefertiti which of course is an immediate given. The eyeshadows are about twice as big as the original Nubian palette or any other eyeshadow for that matter. No mirror (Thank goodness)

Nubian Swatches||Colors||

The palette comes with 4 matte colors and 8 shimmer colors. The color payoff of all these colors are PHENOMENAL. Me personally I feel in LOVE with Morocco as a transition color. As you can see Madagascar is pretty much my color but I can see some good uses for it.  Another thing I really like about the colors in this palette is that for once I can use every single color in the palette and if you are a WOC then you know how hard it is to find a palette like that. Nairobi and Nefertiti give you 2 perfect golds. One is a yellow base and the other is a more subtle orange base. I have not seen a better vibrant palette. For once everyone was considered when these colors were made.

Hope you enjoy my review. What are your favorite palettes?

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