Fit Gear|Yurbuds Leap Wireless

Hey Loves,

I know you guys have not heard about anything fitness related in a while and that is because I really have no been on it like I have before BUT don’t worry I am revamping my entire program and pulling from everything that worked for me last year and combining it all together.

I am here to discuss my new headphones since my old ones finally gave out I decided to try some wireless ones. While in Sam’s Club I came across a Yurbuds “bundle”.

These headphones are sweat proof and another interesting quality is they are a durable woven cords.

The second half of the bundle I did a review on HERE.

—–After 8 weeks of testing—–

I do not like these headphones!

I assumed the entire idea of Yurbuds was for women which means things were smaller and/or better. These headphones are so bad I went back to using the cord ones that came in the bundle. They do not stay in my ears and I have tried everything. I guess I have small lobes or something of the sort BUT no matter what I am constantly having to adjust then. Then if i get them adjusted, they WILL fall out if i do any kind of big movement or cardio.


Do you use any wireless headphones? Which do you use and why do you like them?

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