Fit Chat| April 2016 Recap

Hey Loves,

So after 1 month of this new found idea I can say this month was not the best month for starting over. Consistency was the goal and yet consistency was my biggest failure. I could sit here and say it was because of the traveling I was doing but I am not here to make excuses, I am here to make changes. I was not consistent and it was very clear in my journals. When I did everything I planned to do I saw the rewards but there were too many times this month that I gave into my mental struggle.

As I said before, my biggest issue is not actually working out. My biggest issue is the food and the mental struggle. It’s why I always leave my gym bag in my car so that it just stares at me while I drive. I have to pass my gym to get home so even when my mental starts talking there is no way to avoid it. There are days where I really let my tired get the best of me and I stop following my “schedule”. Then I will see some chic with a bomb body and think “why am I sabotaging myself”. There are literally days where I look at my reflection or a full body picture of myself and think I am trying to achieve the impossible.

Even while writing this I can admit that I feel pretty down and disappointed with myself. Not to say that this will stop me, I am just sharing with you all how this process really requires a strong mental mindset as well. I just know I need to make more sacrifices for my health AND sleep more. According to the log my average nightly sleep was 4.5 hours which is not a good thing. I have been trying to figure out the balance of having a life and having a legit fit life. I feel like once I get passed the weight loss stage, the maintaining stage would be much easier. I like enjoying my evenings but the urge to clock out before 9 pm is much stronger now with the workouts and such.

I saw a picture of a shirt that said FIT[ish]: semi-fit; kind of fit; someone who likes the idea of being fit but equally likes food. I think this pretty much describes me because working out is fun BUT caring about what I eat is a struggle. Food just taste amazing.

Things I am doing for May:

  • I am adding weekly affirmations to my Check Ins. My affirmations are more for a mental inspiration and it will be written by hand and place on my mirror and my fridge. I have to start exercising my mental as easy as I work out my physical.
  • Consistency is my mission and I will add consistency checks as well.
  • Everything else will stay the same.

Stayed tuned for the final April Check in tomorrow at 8 am CST.

Have you worked out today? Meditation?

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