Hair Review| BestLaceWigs GSW 144 Wig Update

If you remember in February I introduced you guys to my baby GSW 144 aka Delilah (lol). If you don’t remember CLICK HERE. I have had the wig for about 3 months and have pretty much drug it through the works.

GSW144 Hair Update Blog

I have officially washed this wig and I can say it went right back to its original glory.

||||The Wash Process|||||

First like the instructions implied I did not soak it in a bowl of water. Instead I took a water bottle and completely saturated it. Then I took the Garnier Hello Hydration Conditioner and cowashed it. I pretty much just left it in a sink of water for about 30 minutes and then I gently combed through it. Then I ran the hair (not the wig cap) through water  and hung it to dry in my shower. Another part of the instructions I specifically remember it saying pretty much not to handle it at all when it is wet. The easiest way to hang it is ironically a pant hanger and then on the shower rod it goes. I let it dry for about 4 days  which I am pretty sure it was overkill but I was really busy and didnt have time anyways.

|||The Re-conditioning Process|||

Once the wig was dry it was time to detangle and put some oil on it. I put the wig on just because I find it easier to handle. I took my hair spray mixture with some argon oil and carefully sectioned my hair and detangled. Just like your actual hair I detangle from the tip to the root slowly so I don’t pull any hair out. This is also the time that I decided to flat-iron my hair.

|||The Flat Iron Process|||

I set my flat-iron to 330 degrees and used a heat protectant I got as a sample from Ulta. I unfortunately threw it away before I wrote the name down. On a regular basis I normally use the Giovanni heat protectant if you need a good one for your wigs. Once i pull the flat iron through to my satisfaction I used the grey straws to curl my hair.

Would you like to see a full video on how I style my wig?

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