Fit Chat| Gym Hygiene

Hey Loves,

I love going to the gym and I love getting my muscle on. HOWEVER, the number one issue I have with the gym next to people babysitting benches is the HYGIENE. To me that includes odor and cleanliness and I have a few tips to share.


Why do you I even have to write this? I mean in my most cases people who work out will sweat and smell  but WHY on God’s green Earth would you  come to the gym already smelling like you grow fungus on your skin? I mean you can even put deodorant in your gym bag that way when you change clothes you can reapply.


Workout shoes can definitely make your entire bag smell absolutely terrible. You can fix this problem with baking soda balls in your gym bag and especially in your sneakers. Otherwise your clothes will start to smell before you even get the chance to work out. Pinterest has tons of different ways to make DIY odor eliminators to keep you smelling fresh and clean.


The same way you take the time to wash your clothes you should also clean your equipment. Your heart bands, gloves, wrist bands, everything holds odor. So take the time to clean your stuff. For me I have 2 of most of my equipment so I can wash one and let it air dry. (Adding white vinegar to your washing machine can also help eliminate odors)

I feel like these simple things can help everyone have a better work out in the gym. I am not one who enjoys smells.

Am I the only one?


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