Fit Check| Week 7

No Changes!!!! HOW SWAY!!!! I stepped on the scale yesterday mentally freaking out because I tracked everything and I know I stayed low. I did miss out on some sleep this weekend but that is what happens when you take a weekend full of stuff to do. That is fairly annoying and then I looked at the calendar and remember this is the week of Mother Nature trying to haunt me. If you have every weighed yourself during this week then you know that you retain a lot of water so your weight is not accurate for the week. So maybe no change is taking into account the massive bloating I am experiencing this week. Here’s to hoping right?

I also find myself uninspired for creative meal plans so I am considered Massy Arias 8 Week Nutrition Plan. If I decide to do it I will update you guys during next week’s fit check.

|||Weekly Affirmation|||
Discipline is doing what needs to be done, even if you don’t wat to do it.

Here is my End of Week 6 Stats:

Weight: 229.2 lbs. (No Change)


Arms 14.0″ (No Change)
Bust 39.5″ (No Change)
Chest 36 ” (No Change)
Stomach 41″ (Bloated)
Booty 50″ (No Change)
Thighs 31.5″ (No Change)
Calves 16.5″ (No Change)


  • 500-800 calories burned a day
  • 5-6 workouts a week
  • incorporate yoga 3 days/ week
  • rest days: Friday and Sunday
  • 1450 Calorie Intake Maximum


Need to stay consistent.

|||Exercise Schedule|||

  • Monday:  Body Combat
  • Tuesday: Plyo Legs + 20 mins cardio
  • Wednesday: Chest, Biceps and Body Combat
  • Thursday: Full Leg Day; 20 mins self Spin
  • Friday: Active Rest Day (Yoga)
  • Saturday: Zumba and Yoga
  • Sunday: Rest Day; Meal Prep Day; Yoga

|||Meal Plan|||

  • Breakfast: 2 Large Egg Whites, 2 oz. Turkey Sausage, 1 Tbsp. Fiber, 16 oz. Crystal Light, Vitamins, Multi Grain English Muffin
  • Mid-Morning Snack: Orange, Nuts
  • Lunch: 4 oz. baked Chicken, ½ cup Jasmine Rice, spinach
  • Pre Workout Snack: Pre-workout Drink
  • Dinner: Chicken Salad

What are you doing for the week?


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