Try #1| Wash N Go on 4c/4b Hair

Wash N Go Try 1 blog

Wash N Gos are one of those natural hair anomalies that seems to only work for pretty people on IG or youtube. Not to mention you usually only see amazing wash n gos on looser textures.

For this myth: I have decided to run a Try Out Series where I use different products to try and achieve a successful wash n go. This first attempt is with the Cantu Shea Butter Curl Creme and Ecostyle Olive Oil Gel.

Here are my steps:

  1. Start on fully washed hair but keep it extremely damp. Keep your spray bottle handy (my water bottle has aloe vera, jojoba oil and rose hip oil)
  2. I suggest with 4c/4b hair, start in small sections and make sure it is extremely damp.
  3. Take a hefty amount of curl cream and go from the root to the tip and focus on the ends of the hair to get your curls poppin. Crunch as you feel desired.
  4. Then take some gel and start at the root (this helps minimize frizz) and bring it all through the strand. All products used were applied GENEROUSLY until strands were fully coated. The gel did not flake on me at all.
  5. I worked from the back and worked my way forward and I added a part in the front to show how I wanted my hair to go.
  6. Air Dry or Diffuse

The Results:

Am I going to say this was the best defined look I have ever had, DEFINITELY no but I can say that maybe if I perfect this method I could have a good hair style going on. I tried to wear the style this entire week but by day 3 the sweat from my daily work outs had clearly destroyed the “wash n go”.

Next Product: From Miss Jessie…Stay tuned


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