Fit Chat| May 2016 Roundup

Another month has passed by and I must say doing this on my own with direction has proven on thing. There is clearly going to be a lot of mistakes and I have to be ok with that. In reality because I will be breaking down my calories and stuff tomorrow I will just say that next month is heavily focused on eating. I have been reading ways to suppress my appetite naturally rather than taking pills that will do it for me.

My biggest obstacle this month was CRAVINGS. I have been craving salty foods like a crazy person which is weird since I managed to basically cut salt from my diet months ago. I really have a love for food and sometimes mentally I just find myself over the idea of watching what I eat and just enjoying food. So I am going to have realistic smalls goals a week just so that I have something to focus on everyday.

I have already changed my meal plan but I am considering eating breakfast and having a protein shake for dinner instead. I find myself hungrier in the morning that in the evenings when I come home from the gym.

The one thing I find myself seeing constant improvements is definitely yoga. I find myself wanting to do it more than 3 times a week and have been doing it a lot when I find myself wanting to snack.

Things I am doing for June:

  • Small Weekly Goals focused mainly on my meal plans and journaling everything.
  • Holding myself accountable even for the small piece of anything outside of my meal plan
  • making grocery lists and sticking to only what is on the list
  • Introducing a couple new pieces into my workout routine

Stayed tuned for the final May Check in tomorrow at 8 am CST.

Have you worked out today? Meditation?

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